Sunday, November 3, 2013

Double Indemnity vs. L.A. Confidential

Double Indemnity shot #49
L.A. Confidential shot #91

In the shot from Double Indemnity we get a close up of Keyes bending over to help light Neff's cigarette while Neff bleeds out waiting for the cops to come. In the shot from L.A. confidential shot we see Ecksley shooting Dudley Smith in the back while they wait for the cops to come. This is a long shot of Dudley and a close up of Ecksley's gun in the corner of the screen. The DI shot is important because for the whole movie Neff has been lighting cigar's for Keyes and now the tables have turned. We now see Keyes towering over Neff after he has caught Neff. These shots are similar because they are both the pivotal scene in the movie. We see the bad guy in each film caught at this moment and get what they deserve. Both Neff and Smith thought they were in the clear and going to get away with what they had done.

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