Monday, January 13, 2014


This is a photo I took while in Trier Germany. This is the Burg Elz castle. I cropped the photo so that the castle itself is on the left half of the frame. This adds the effect of having the hills and trees in the background. Having the hills take up almost half of the picture they become a part of the castle and the landscape rather than just being in the background. We also get a sense of scale because the castle we can see rises above the hills. 

This second photo i took in Wildrose, Wisconsin from my dad's friends house on the river. (Please excuse the snow effect, I have no clue what google did to the picture of how to get rid of it.) In this picture we can see the river creates a kind of frame for the tree area with the footsteps and the dock. You can also see the trees going off in the distance making on feel like they are in a small part of a large forest. 

The third photo was taken in Wilmette by the St. Francis church. In this picture the subject which is the fallen street lamp is on the bottom part of the picture, leaving the street and parking lot to give the viewer a look at the surrounding area. The road horses also create a frame for the fallen street lamp. 

The fourth picture was taken at the very start of the Joe Bonamassa concert at the Chicago Theater. The subject which is the performer standing next to the drum set is at the very bottom left of the image. The rest of the picture one can see fog and an ambient blue light trailing across the rest of the frame. 

The final photo was taken while skiing at Granite Peak. The picture shows my dad and a friend of his at the top of one of the runs. They are are on the bottom right of the frame which gives the viewer a sight of the town below which seems to appear right of the edge of the mountain, making the run and ski lift seem light a very steep drop. One can also see a lot of the sky which makes lightens up the picture. 

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  1. Tim, only two pix appeared here. Use the "grid" and discuss rule of thirds as you discuss pictures further, particularly that cool castle.