Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Goodbye Columbus Ch.1

Parrallels / Contrasts:

Neil seems to be very awward whenever talking on the phone with Brenda. He says:"I launched into my speech" (7). and the first time he calls he says "My voice was two octaves higher than a choirboys's" (5). Neil seems to know that it is a little awkward that he is calling this girl now. The first time his voice is very high which probably means he doesn't really know what to say, however the second time he launches into a "speech" where he does know what to say, but it is still very awkward.

The most obvious contrasts in this chapter is the contrast between the Short Hills and Newark. Neil says "It was, in fact, as though the hundred and eights feet that the suburbs rose in altitude above Newark brought one closer to heaven" (8). He literally describes the suburbs as heaven. He is describing them as idealistic and perfect. It is as if he is thinking about how much he would like to live here. He then goes on to think about his aunt and uncle as they are "sharing a Mounds bar in the cindery darkness of their alley" (9). Here he is describing life in Newark as a much less idealistic place. He describes the surroundings as cindery which is very different than heavenly.


Some props that could be used would be the glasses, the phone, Neil's car, the Short Hills phone book, the whirring fan at Neil's house.
I think the most important prop would be Brenda's glasses. They are mentioned more than once in the book. Neil uses them to remind Brenda of who he is. They could be a symbol of Neil seeing someone he likes and wants to pursue.

Insights/ Truths: 

I think the passage where Neil drives up to Short hills is insight for him because he is getting an insight into a life unlike his own. He talks about how the people regulate the amount of moisture allowed to touch their skins and they don't share their lives with anyone.

Meaningful / Confusing Passages: 

I think the passage where Brenda talks about her nose is very meaningful. She talks about how she had her nose fixed saying: "now i'm prettier" (13). I think this shows just how different her life is from Neil's because brenda is a very pretty woman yet she still felt the need to get her nose fixed because she thought she could look better. This is something completely new for Neil.

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